Prof. Alan Zehnder

In front of Sather Gate UC Berkeley

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area where I spent lots of time tinkering with bicycles, motorcycles, cars and model airplanes.  That led me to study Mechanical Engineering at U.C. Berkeley and then on to graduate school at Caltech where I studied fracture mechanics.

At Cornell I’ve enjoyed teaching courses such as undergraduate engineering mathematics and mechanics and graduate solid mechanics, fracture, plasticity and experimental methods. I’ve enjoyed serving in a number of academic leadership positions including: Director of Graduate Studies, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM), Chair of TAM, Associate Director for Undergraduate Affairs, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), Interim Director of MAE,  Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Development, and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the College of Engineering.

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Current Ph.D. Students:

Aditya Bhaskar, ab2823

Jikun Wang, jw2586

Ph.D. and M.S. Graduates

I have been privileged to work with an outstanding group of Ph.D., and M.S. students.  I am proud of their accomplishments at Cornell and beyond.

Mark Thurston, Ph.D., 1994
Jacob Kallivayalil, Ph.D., 1995
Mark Viz, Ph.D., 1996
Shujun Tang, Ph.D., 1999
Yogesh Potdar, Ph.D., 2001
Kavi Bhalla, Ph.D. 2001
John Antonakakis, M.S. 2005
Tuncay Alan, Ph.D. 2007

Manoj Pandey, Ph.D., 2007
Peeyush Bhargava, Ph.D. 2008
Tuhin Sahai, Ph.D., 2008
Michael Czabaj, Ph.D., 2010
David Blocher, Ph.D., 2012
Ben Hasseldine, Ph.D., 2015
Scott Grutzik, Ph.D., 2015

Yi Xu, Ph.D., 2017 
Mincong Liu, Ph.D. 2019

Fan Cui, M.S., 2011